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Attorney Matthew V. Parker, J.D.

Attorney Matthew V. Parker, the founder of our Albuquerque law office, is a 2017 graduate of Arizona Summit Law School. Prior to law school, Mr. Parker earned his Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies with a Minor in Women and Gender Studies from Arizona State University. Mr. Parker is the founder of OPS Consulting and Investigative Services LLC, a successful Arizona-based private investigation and litigation support company serving the community since 2017. Prior to attending law school and founding his Albuquerque law office, Mr. Parker served in law enforcement and retired from the Arizona Attorney General’s Office as a Special Agent. Mr. Parker’s career spanning two decades has centered around the justice system which places him in a unique position of not only being a legal advocate for his clients but also a dedicated and knowledgeable investigator. This experience allows Mr. Parker to obtain positive results for his clients and ensure that no stone goes unturned. Mr. Parker is an attorney in Albuquerque and is admitted to practice in the New Mexico State Courts (Magistrate, Metropolitan, Probate, District) and the New Mexico Federal Courts.

In his commitment to justice, Mr. Parker generously dedicates his expertise to the Cold Case Foundation, a venerable non-profit organization renowned for its crucial work in solving cold case homicides, locating missing persons, and identifying unknown remains. As a pro bono investigator, he leverages his extensive investigative and legal skills to breathe new life into cases that others have deemed unsolvable, often providing closure to families long left in the dark.

Beyond his direct impact in the field, Mr. Parker extends his influence through prominent media channels. His role as a legal analyst on TV One’s “Fatal Attraction” has not only spotlighted his deep understanding of the legal and investigative process but also brought crucial attention to often-overlooked cases. Similarly, his participation in the Audible Series “All the Gory Details” has made sophisticated legal and investigative insights accessible to a broader audience, fostering a greater public understanding of the complexities surrounding criminal investigations.

Mr. Parker’s commitment to the community and the field of law doesn’t stop at volunteer work and media engagement. He is a fervent advocate for his clients, employing a distinctive approach that blends creativity, collaboration, and resolution-focused strategies. This approach has consistently led to positive outcomes for his clients, underscoring his dedication not just to individual cases but to the broader principle of justice.

Attorney Victoria Bateman, J.D.

Victoria Bateman, Esq. is a distinguished attorney, licensed in the State of New Mexico, with an extensive 20-year background in real estate law, brokerage, and title services. As a proven leader in the real estate legal community, she has dedicated herself to the advancement of industry standards and practices, notably through her commitment to the NM Bar Association Wellness Committee. Her advocacy efforts include significant contributions to veterans’ rights, demonstrating her dedication to securing favorable legislation to support this vital community.

In recognition of her exceptional impact on the real estate sector, Ms. Bateman was honored as the 2016 NAWREB Leading Lady, a testament to her leadership and influence, as highlighted in Volume 5 Issue 3 of Women in the Housing & Real Estate Ecosystem. Demonstrating her entrepreneurial acumen, she pioneered an online educational platform specializing in EPA-compliant contractor training for Repair, Renovation, and Lead-Based Paint Safety Certification, underscoring her commitment to environmental stewardship and public health.

As a former real estate educator, Ms. Bateman has enriched the professional landscape by imparting her vast knowledge and expertise to aspiring real estate professionals. Her thought leadership is further evidenced by her participation in high-caliber panels alongside key figures such as the former AZ Real Estate Commissioner, US EPA counsel, and the former City of Tucson Mayor. This collaboration with agents of change across multiple sectors emphasizes her multifaceted approach to real estate law and her capacity to drive meaningful progress.

At the core of Ms. Bateman’s professional ethos is a profound desire to empower and uplift others, fostering an environment where individuals are encouraged to pursue excellence and reach their fullest potential. Through her unwavering support and mentorship, she continues to inspire a new generation of legal and real estate professionals to innovate and lead with integrity. Victoria Bateman, Esq. remains a beacon of professionalism, expertise, and altruism in the real estate legal community, tirelessly working to elevate the standards of practice and contribute to the betterment of society.

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